Bathroom Waterproofing Service

Bathroom Waterproofing Service

Bathroom Waterproofing Service

Impress Tiling is one the leading Bathroom Waterproofing Service specialists in Sydney.  Our hands on experience in the building and waterproofing industries has earned us a reputable identity. So, we have served a wide variety of clients ranging from builders, strata, business owners and homeowners on a daily basis within the entire Sydney area.

Since, we have a highly qualified team, backed by decades of combined experience. So, we’re proud to provide a hassle free service with guaranteed results. Hence, as a leading waterproofing specialists in Sydney, we take pride in the quality of our work. Also, we pay attention to each and every detail to ensure unmatched services and customer satisfaction. So, our fully trained and experienced team use only top quality products to ensure we provide the best possible waterproofing system for your requirements.

Furthermore, we deal in all kinds of waterproofing and remedial services and offer a comprehensive solution that suits your home. So, we explore our services page to view the whole range of waterproofing services Impress Tiling can offer you.

Impress Tiling is a company founded with the philosophy of providing long durable and attractive concrete waterproofing solutions at competitive prices. So, our team of fully licensed employees take the upmost care in waterproofing application. With all work carried out compliant with all standards and requirements.

Since, we are one of the leading Sydney based waterproofing specialists companies that carry the expertise in all waterproofing repairs and services. So, from your standard bathroom waterproofing to concrete roof top waterproofing, Impress Tiling does it all. Also, our leading waterproofing specialists carry out solutions for a variety of water penetration problems, and it comes hand in hand with over 20 years of quality experience.

Need an experienced and qualified Bathroom Renovation Team?

Want to know everything when it comes to the correct choice of tiling and waterproofing material?

When it comes to a Bathroom Renovation in Sydney, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Need a standout bathroom?

Have you seen a designer bathroom in a magazine that you want?

Our highly skilled team can assist with the designer bathroom you are looking for and in addition provide you the best colour, style and material.


We understand the challenges you’re likely to face with a small Bathroom Renovation.

We offer honest advice that will help you stay within your budget and timeline as every centimetre counts.

Impress Tiling & Waterproofing provide and source all materials for your Bathroom Renovation.

Don’t have the time visit the different suppliers to find the right products? Rather than doing this yourself we can recommend them to you furthermore ensuring you get the best.

We ensure you get the best quality tiling and waterproofing products for your Bathroom Renovation; that match the colour, style and most of all, that fit the space.

Why are we the best?

Impress Tiling and Waterproofing takes pride of being one of the most renowned names in the industry of Bathroom Renovation Sydney-wide.

Impress Tiling and waterproofing concentrates on bringing life to your bathroom decor.

It hardly matters to our professionals that whether your bathroom is spacious or small.

We always have customised plans for our clients to make sure we can cater to particular preferences and requirements.

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