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Tiler Manly

Here at Impress Tiling & Waterproofing, we are dedicated to providing tiling services in Sydney to the highest standard whilst remaining on time. Regardless of and within your allocated budget! We always clean up after our work and we make every effort to ensure that we don’t tread any dirt or debris through your home. We engage to complete all projects within the timeline set with the clients. We use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done quickly but also giving attention to details and ensuring everything is done rather correctly.

We’re some of the best tilers in Sydney, so if you’re still undecided on the look or style of tiles would suit the look and feel of your home best, just ask us! Whether it’s mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, stone tiles, glass tiles and everything else in between; we’ve laid our fair share of tiles in countless homes in Sydney and from one-bedroom apartments to three-story beachside properties and will happily share our professional opinion from our extensive tiling experience with you.

We’re the Sydney tilers who can supply and install a wide range of quality made tiles from various tiling suppliers. It’s our product knowledge, skills and experience that make the difference during a facelift or a full renovation project whether it be in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom or any other room in your home.

Bathroom Tiler Manly

Impress Tiling & Waterproofing is one of the most professional and reputable tiling companies in Sydney we have proved this with our award winning service. We boast a dynamically young & old, professional and well experienced workforce that can respond to any domestic or commercial tiling challenge.

Bathrooms which are more than ten years old commonly experience issues such as mould buildup, cracked or chipped tiles as well as grout colour fading or cracking. In addition to these issues, homes which are older than twenty years boast designs which have long gone out of fashion and need a genuine face lift sooner rather than later. Outdated bathroom designs tend to create negative impressions with guests to the home.

As a leading tiling company in Manly, we not only offer quality but unmatched service to give your private and commercial space the look that you have always desired. Impress Tiling & Waterproofing’s excellent craftsmanship will leave you amazed. we have experienced tilers to deliver quality tiling for your shower, bathroom and wet areas. The team will do the necessary preparation required using best quality products and follow the right procedures. As we focus on quality tiling in Sydney, we guarantee workmanship and care about complete satisfaction of the customer.

Bathroom tiler

Kitchen Tiler Manly

At Impress Tiling & Waterproofing, we believe that the kitchen area is the main showpiece of the modern day home. Whether you are in the market to build a new house or considering renovating your existing home, an ideal place to start is with the kitchen. Given that the majority of visitors to your home will see your kitchen, you might as well give them something impressive to talk about for days after they leave!

Our tilers are trained to get the job done right the first time. A growing problem in many new homes involves kitchen tiles, splash backs and grout cracking or discolouring over time due to daily usage – in many cases due to water damage near the kitchen sink. We strive for the best possible result with your kitchen, a result which both you and our team will be proud of for years to come.

We deal with tiles for walls and floors that can give your rooms a new and fresh look with unmatched durability. We are available for the clients in Sydney who are looking for the best tilers in the city. We believe in providing the best quality products and superior services to our clients as per their budget. This is the reason we have a good reputation in the current market of the city. We have the experts of the industry who can install different types of tiles in different types of buildings; according to your requirements.

Laundry Tiler Manly

As the laundry room is one of the most regularly used areas of the home, we recommend choosing tiling over other options because tiles are cheaper and easier to maintain over time. Laundry wall and floor tiling is essential to any new or established home.

Whilst all new homes are required to have tiled wet areas, many older homes commonly have timber flooring in the laundry room. Even older homes which were tiled ten years ago or prior, the grouting, glue and waterproofing materials available at the time were far more basic than the advanced technology available today.

Impress Tiling & Waterproofing are your trusted wall and floor tiling contractors in Sydney. We are committed to providing a quality service, five-star customer service and an affordable solution for residential, commercial and trade clients. We are a family business with many years of experience in every aspect of residential and commercial tiling. We provide a high-quality service to each of our clients whilst providing value for your money.

With years of experience in the industry, we assure you of offering sound advice to help you make an informed choice. Our team is right by your side to help transform your home to your liking.

General Indoor Tiler

General Indoor Tiler Manly

Impress Tiling & Waterproofing specialises in all aspects of wall and floor tiling for your bathroom, laundry or kitchen project. We lay all types of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. When you are looking to create a tiled indoor feature or make a statement with your kitchen splashback, call Impress Tiling & Waterproofing to bring your project to life.

We’ve delivered on a variety of small and large-scale tiling projects, transforming floors, walls, kitchens and bathrooms into works of art. Our supply and install capabilities you won’t have to shop around to find the best in service and design in town – all you need to do is call and we’ll take care of the rest. So if you’ve got an old bathroom, kitchen, floor or outside area that needs refurbishment, old tiles that need replacing or if you’re looking to modernise your property or create your dream home, get in touch with the best wall & floor tiler Manly has to offer today.

Beyond that, we’re insured to industry standard too – you can be sure that no runoff water damage will occur in your home once we’re done. So if you’re after the tiler Manly builders and property owners trust with their waterproofing, screeding, tile replacement or general refurbishment, look no further. Check our Facebook page for any updates!

General Indoor Tiler

Pool Tiler Manly

The presence of a swimming pool in a particular premise not just adds to the aesthetics of the area but also adding value to the property. A beautifully tiled and decorated swimming pool can grab eyeballs when compared to single water bodies that are lined with concrete. We understand that some projects can be slightly disruptive at times, but at Impress Tiling & Waterproofing we ensure that your project runs very smoothly so you end up with a magnificent tiled swimming pool.

When it comes to preparing a designated pit to accommodate a swimming pool, there is the need to waterproof it well to prevent leakage and water loss from the pool and that is when tiling comes to aid. Tiles are beautifully crafted slabs that adorn itself on the floor as well as the walls of the swimming pool that make swimming easy as well as prevents water loss and seepage that is somehow prevalent with pools that aren’t lined with tiles.

Impress Tiling & Waterproofing prides themselves on providing quality pool tiling services, we cover all aspects of tiling and our attention to detail ensures that your pool tiling will meet your expectations. Our service includes assistance with selecting your swimming pool tiles and we provide a wide range of ceramic pool tiles and glass pool tiles to create the perfect tiled swimming pool.

Pool Tiler
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