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Waterproofing Ruse

Impress Tiling & Impress Waterproofing is the the leading provider of professional waterproofing services across the Sydney. Our highly skilled team of specialists ensure quality and reliable results every time, using premium-quality membrane materials and the latest technology to guard both commercial and domestic properties against water damage. Fast, effective and long-lasting, our waterproof solutions come with on-the-day testing for your peace of mind.

Impress Tiling & Impress Waterproofing delivers industry-leading remedial waterproofing services that prevent water from seeping into areas of a house or a building, such as concrete rooftops, basements and retaining walls. At Impress Tiling & Impress Waterproofing we are proud of the expert remedial waterproofing services we provide, backed by specialised waterproofing systems that are designed to restore and protect customers’ assets to the highest quality. Our highly skilled technicians expertly rectify water ingress issues. They perform rising damp treatment, leak sealing injection, concrete crack injection, membrane installation, joint sealing and concrete repairs to give a few examples.

We are dedicated to delivering immediate and long-lasting waterproof results through our cost-effective and reliable service. By ensuring that every job is done with the same premium-grade work and membranes that our customers have come to expect, we are continually striving to set the highest possible standard for waterproofing services. Lastly, peace of mind accompanies a job well done, and it’s our mission to deliver just that.

Shower Waterproofing Ruse

Water damage is a significant headache to repair and remediate. After the fact, dealing with the rot, mould and destruction left by water leaks, it becomes baffling just how much damage even a little water can cost. In all instances, it is better to invest in protective systems to prevent water damage than to deal with water damage after it has already taken root. At Impress Tiling & Waterproofing, we understand this point well, hence our focus on bathroom waterproofing in Ruse.

Shower waterproofing is the most important part of a bathroom as it provides the integrity needed to ensure that water doesn’t leak into other parts of the home. An incorrectly waterproofed bathroom or wet area can quickly cause problems that are at best inconvenient and at worst structurally damaging.

Every bathroom is different and so therefore a bathroom waterproofing job must be carefully evaluated and attention given to the smallest details. A poor waterproofing membrane can result in leaking showers internally and leaking balconies externally which often result in costly repairs. The majority of leaking showers and water issue we are called out to inspect are the result of poor or failing waterproofing.

Shower waterproofing can be a difficult task, and we’ll make sure all areas remain safe and protected against damage. At Impress Tiling & Waterproofing, we are highly experienced and qualified to deliver a wide range of shower waterproofing services across Ruse.

Shower Waterproofing

Balcony Waterproofing Ruse

Being constantly exposed to the elements, balconies are vulnerable to water seepage which lead to a leaking balcony. Since the construction of each balcony is unique, the risk of water ingress is very likely if the waterproofing system doesn’t accommodate the design of the balcony. Balconies require appropriate drainage and isolation from the internal elements of a structure, with a proper waterproofing membrane installed to prevent leaking.

We specialise in repairing leaking balconies with the most cost effective solutions in much the same way as we repair leaking showers without removing tiles. Fully qualified and with over 10 years’ experience in leaking balcony repairs, we are licensed to carry out all external and internal waterproofing to comply with Australian standards. Offering a 25-year product warranty on our Epoxy means your balcony will remain leak free for years to come.

Each balcony is unique and as such leak sources and repair solutions vary accordingly. Age, location, weather exposure, complexity of the balcony design and level of damage will ultimately determine the cost associated with repairing your leaking balcony. You are welcome to contact Impress Tiling & Waterproofing’s professional waterproofing team who are available to provide you with a free assessment/inspection and quote.

Balcony Waterproofing

Residential Waterproofing Ruse

Impress Tiling & Waterproofing offers professional basement waterproofing to Ruse homeowners wanting a long-lasting solution to protecting their property from moisture damage. When the soil around your home retains ground water, this water can sometimes build up to a level that creates hydrostatic pressure against the walls and under the floors of your basement. This pressure can then push the water in through cracks and other openings, eventually causing significant structural damage to your foundation walls. The infiltration of water may also cause mould, decay and other moisture-related damage that can end up costing a lot of money – and a whole lot of hassle – to repair.

We offer a range of services for basement waterproofing, including installation, crack repairs and leak detection. Whether you’re building a new home or need repairs to your existing basement waterproof treatment, you can trust our waterproofing Ruse team for peace of mind on long-lasting protection.

At Impress Tiling & Waterproofing, we can help you select the right waterproofing solution for your project, provide professional installation and even help with leaking basement repairs and negative-side water proofing. We have extensive experience providing expert basement waterproofing across a range of residential, commercial and industrial and civil projects across Sydney

Residential Waterproofing

Commercial Waterproofing Ruse

If water is leaking into your commercial property, you may be subject to mould, bacteria and deteriorating wood-supported structures. By properly keeping moisture out, you can extend the life of your building, protect interior contents and save money on costly repairs. Making repairs to water-damaged basements can be expensive and complex, and in some cases, not commercially viable or even possible. Most basements after construction can be repaired either from the negative side or the positive side, however, by getting your waterproofing right from the start is the key to a successful on long term solution.

The process of waterproofing requires that we make a surface or structure water resistant by applying membranes and protective coats. In recent years, the construction industry has made technological advances in creating such polymer-based membrane materials. This new solution is extremely adhesive to create a seamless barrier around the outside of a structure.

For new builds, it’s critical to select the appropriate basement waterproofing solution on a case-by-case basis. Factors like building design, materials, site conditions and water table stabilisation will help to determine the solution best suited to your situation. We can assess your design at the planning stage and implement a custom waterproofing solution that will stand the test of time delivering you a long term waterproofing solution for your project. Check our Facebook page for any updates!

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